June 10th Update:

Greetings everyone!

We are one week a way from what is hoped to be a the great event!

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for a few helpers to decorate on Friday June 16th starting at 7:15 pm.

Please message me at 604-838-6356 if you can make it or email me at

Door Prizes

Also I have heard from some of you regarding door prizes already, for those of you who indicated you will be bringing one please send me an email at:

Let me know what you will be bringing and who you would like to be acknowledged for the prize.

I thank you all on the behalf of those who have helped organize for your involvment in the decoration night and your contributions to door prizes for the event!

Here is this the itinerary for the night of June 17th;

"Feeling Forty After Forty"
David Thompson Class of 1977 Grad Reunion
Pacfic Inn Hotel and Conference Centre

Dress is casual

6:30 PM -7 :00 PM: Doors open for Welcoming Desk and the
Bar is open.

6:30 pm - 8:30 PM - Music from our Grad years of 1977 is

8:15 PM - Food and snacks will be presented

8:30 pm - Video presentation

9:00 pm - Door Prizes

9:30 PM - 11:00 PM - Mix of music including modern and more dance oriented music but still at a volume for mingling and catching up;

11:30 PM - Last Call for the Bar

11:30 - 12 midnight - Decoration tear down

12 midnight closed for the evening

We are also fortunate to have a professional photographer named Keira Siohban hand to take some random candids shots of the group. ( Kim Sword Fraser's daughter).

Kiera is the owner operator of Picture Perfect Photography and she will be taking randaom candid shots during some time ionthe evening and will be avaiable for individual requested photos for an additional charge of $5.00 per picture.

To see the fantastic work Keira does please go to this site;

Also If you have any songs that you would like to hear for the night please email me your requests:

Looking forward to seeing some of you on the Friday and everyone else on the Saturday!

Hotel Room Bookings

Important Update:

The block for June 17th has been released for booking a room.

If you have purchased your tickets and would still like to book a room for the night of June 17th please call the Pacific Inn at:

Tel (604) 535-1432 or Toll-Free 1 (800) 667-2248 

The group code is still valid while they have rooms available but there is no guarantee of that rate unless you book now.

Please use the group code of:

David Thompson Grad Reunion 

in order to get the group rate of $119.99 plus taxes.

To view the Hotel, their website is:

Ticket Sales are now closed.

As mentioned throughout this process we will not be selling any tickets at the door.

I repeat we will not be selling any tickets at the door.

This is a private event and we have given the best opportunity for everyone to participate.

If you have not purchased your ticket by June 5th you can not attend the function.

 If you have any questions you can hit the contact button below.
Guest Purchased Tickets
Charran Millsip
Ron Coombes
Debbie Dunn
Terry Wong
Henry Chan
Buzzy Kwan
Eileen Jackson (Hardy)
Cindy Banner
Scott Amesbury
Brett Ward
Peter Gee
Bruce Lacouvee
Lydia Rego (Amesbury)
Leslie Nakamura
Maureen Johnston (Adams)
Brenda Brown (Sikich)
Marilyn Bach (MacDougall)
Robbie Macdougall
Lynda Senior (Fahrmann)
Kathy Bamford (Isaak)
Larry Murphy
Cathie Middleton (Morgan)
Paul Morgan
Kim Wight (Evans)
Gabby Pinzer
Karen McConnell (Taylor)
Olga Volpe
Nancy Schmidt (Stermer)
Bruce Holbrook
Penny Holbrook
George Watts
Diane Craig (Tiffin)
Jim Slade
Don Eldridge
Alfred Kwan
Anne Richardson (Bain)
Roy Smith
Cheryl McNeil (Stirling)
Marilyn Miller (Whitworth)
Deep Dee Harrison (Roy)
SHARON Stewart (Villegas)
Gay Cirulis (Cook)
Tia Giang
Doug Lee
John Lee
Madeline Yee
Dino Laconte
Kelly Jung (Laconte)
Dolores Mawhiney (Sparks)
Kelly Duncan (Jones)
Mark Solari
Paula Mahara (Solari)
Linda Froese
Moncia Bell
Pat Bell
Dan Hatch
Paul Gill
Dom Panteleo
Joe Chong
Anneli Thews (Good)
Drew Forbes
Naomi Hillier (Barker)
Pat Shaw (Coombs)
Star Sexton (Gleboff)
Diane Eng (Guess)
Sandra Yip (Thomson)
Colleen Banner
Diana Charleston (Barker)
Steve Begg
Ken Freeborn
Kirk Beaton
Gary Breakwell
Dale Clarke (Newbold)
Wayne Ellis
Carol Hake
Ian MacKinnon
Glenn Fox
Anita Nissi (Hayek)
Anna Ma
Michael Ma
Walter Menta
John Anderson
Sheldon Friesen
Marlene Richard (Guclu)
Jim Mallory
Linda Reid
Janice Langham (Seath)
Kim Fraser (Sword)
Neale Sword
Rob McGregor
Juanita Feser (Feser)
Dan Feser (Pavan)
Total 92